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Professional Punters

A Tipster Community with Subscription Services


We were asked to create a Tipster Community with subscription services. This was to be a clean website where visitors could navigate through different categories of Tips and subscribe to a Tipster.

The Tipster would also be able to set up a subscription through the website and when they received an order, they would be given the majority % of the price.

Affiliates were able to recommend Tipsters to friends & family for a recurring commission.


This website had a lot of functionality to it, including Leaderboards, Subscriptions, Front End Subscription Management, Affiliate Registration and so much more.

We hooked the website up to a Telegram Bot which allowed Tipsters to get their subscribers into Telegram Channels which is where they send their Tips!

We created a seamless and beautiful website worthy of the Professional Punter brand.

  • Subscription Model
  • Affiliate Reward System
  • Telegram Integration
  • Android & Apple Apps


“I really like the website that Pagecode has created. It has all the functionality I need to keep this service running.

They’ve helped me on other websites but always seem to amaze me with their excellent quality of work!”

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