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Auto Bot Alerts

Automatic Football Inplay Alerts


We were asked to create an automatic alert web app where people could set up their own inplay and prematch football alerts with specific rules and get a notification on Telegram or by email when their rules are met within their specific alert that they setup.

This system would allow bettors to get the latest information straight to their phones instead of having to look on statistic sites for the right odds and stats.


We were enthusiastic with this unique project as it improves on competitor web apps by bringing the stats to you instead of you having to search websites for statistics and odds you find suitable!

We delivered on the brief and built a beautiful fast website application that notifies bettors when their odds are met, this is a fantastic tool to use when deciding to make bets!

The rules are checked every 20 seconds, hosted on our powerful servers to provide the best performance.

We continuously upgrade this bespoke application on a monthly retainer, with recent features including Community Alerts, Pausing Alerts and so much more!

  • Custom Application
  • Users can create Alerts
  • Telegram Integration
  • API Integration


“Fantastic turnaround time and delivered the exact brief, at an affordable rate and beautifully made, thank you!”

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