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Mail Forest

A Mailchimp alternative


We needed to create an alternative to Mailchimp due to its strict policies and high subscription fees.

We were asked to create a more flexible tool where users could connect their website to an external newsletter system that they have ownership and freedom of.

This would connect with live websites, using Woocommerce/Shopify and continuously sync opted in emails and pass-through data such as order totals, a customers last purchase and other important data to segment leads into groups!


We integrated with Amazon to provide cheap affordable mail dispatching using their API.

The platform was also connected with Telegram so that when a user is emailed, it also notifies them on Telegram and/or various other platforms!

The external software works similar to Mailchimp, but with faster sync and the ability to create very detailed segments for your lists, meaning you can target certain groups of subscribers based on their buying behaviour or customer data.

  • Custom Application
  • Similar to Mailchimp
  • Telegram Integration
  • API Integration


“Turned around rapidly and at an affordable rate, top quality developers!”

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