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Discord Subscription Bot

Automatic Community Manager on Discord


We were asked to solve an issue with the clients Discord Server being full of non-subscribers and subscribers.

They wanted the ability to be able to automatically remove people and add people based on their subscription status.

They also wanted a seamless checkout to bring together a full automatic system that would make sure their exclusive content was only being viewed by active subscribers.


Whilst their previous developer failed to deliver and left them with a sunk cost after 8 months, we were able to deliver on the project for 1/3 of the price and build a full system within 2 weeks.

Our brains were definitely on fire but we did exactly what the client needed, now our discord bot is dispatched to various businesses who need to manage their Discord Server communities seamlessly!

This complex yet simple looking software allows subscribers to cancel, switch and subscribe to multiple subscriptions.

It also allows the client to create subscriptions, display certain subscriptions, add discord roles, adjust prices and see who is in their groups!

  • Custom Application
  • Integrated with Stripe API
  • Seamless Communnity Manager
  • Discord API Integration


“Delivered in only 2 weeks, for much cheaper than what we previously paid to achieve this and it works perfectly, thanks a lot!”

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